It's Time For The Women To Step Up

Women can be just as tough as men, and are even smarter. We've had the first African American president, and although he was truly great, it's time for a woman to reside as president in the White House. What have men done for us but start wars and fun corruption? Let a female have a chance now!

Our Political Lunch Discussions

I work long, hard hours and even a few on the weekend, so I usually try to relax a little by going out for lunch. Me and a group from work go to laugh and chat to break up the monotony of the work day. It's a lot of fun, and without it, I'd probably be pretty miserable and depressed. It also helps to keep my mind focused and sharp, because most of my work time is spent on a computer in an office with no one to talk to. Our favorite topic seems to be politics, especially women in politics, and what's going wrong with certain things.



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Elizabeth Warren: A Personal Hero

I think it's time to take a vacation to see my family, who live on the east coast. I haven't seen them in a year, so it's definitely time. I've just been so busy with different avenues of income, that I barely have time to clear my head at the beach once a week. I definitely need to get out more!


One of the things I do is make videos, and although it's mostly for fun, it makes me a decent amount of side income every month. I've been doing it for years, so I kind of built up a fan base that allows me to see more profits. It's nice to make the extra money, but it's also great to connect with people and talk to them about various subjects and to also get their opinions.


My videos are mostly about politics, specifically female politicians (I LOVE Elizabeth Warren, a personal hero) and leaders around the world. But I also talk about what's happening in this current administration, as well as a number of other topics that may or may not be political. It just depends on either what I see on the news that morning, or what I've been thinking about, or even historical discussions. Anything goes, really! I am working on a video to create a post on here soon after a collaboration.



So when I make these LiveCast videos, I always go to a STUDIO C, a local sound studio in San Diego where I can have complete privacy and no one can interrupt me. At home I've got a bird that likes to make noises, and a talkative boyfriend who's always playing video games loudly. That makes it a less than ideal spot to shoot my videos from.


I decided to head over to the studio to make a few videos before I left for 2 weeks, so that they could be uploaded automatically at a certain time. This allows me to focus on my other ventures, although this time it's purely for vacation. I'm sure I will think of a hundred topics while I'm there because my brain never stops, but at least it will feel great to see my loved ones!

The Top Ten Best Female Athletes In The World

In a world dominated mostly by men's sports, great female athletes might get overlooked. The truth is, they could compete anytime with their male counterparts, and are almost just as strong. Whether it's tennis, soccer, basketball, kayaking, skiing, or snowboarding, these are some pretty tough ladies! Below are 10 of the best female athletes in the world.


1. Serena Williams

Serena Jameka Williams is a tennis player who has set some great records in the sport. She was born in Michigan on September 26, 1981 and has taken part in numerous tennis tournaments with remarkable performances. This beautiful athlete took part in a major tennis tournament for the first time in 1999. Williams is not only a famous tennis player, but she is also one of the best paid female athletes, earning 28.9 million dollars per year.

2. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is a tennis player and beautiful model. In her career, she has had 557 wins and 133 losses, and is currently ranked as the second best tennis player in the world. Sharapova is a Russian beauty who is known for her tough shots on the tennis field. She is one of the richest female athletes in the world.

3. Sydney Laroux

Sydney is a female soccer player and a member of the U.S Women's Soccer Team. She has won an Olympic gold medal and plays the position of a striker. The Seattle Reign FC is her current team and they play in the National Women’s Soccer League.

4. Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic is one of the best female tennis players who has won single titles that includes one Grand Slam title. She is from Serbia, and apart from playing tennis, she is very popular in the fashion industry, known for her great figure and beauty.

5. Adriene Levknecht

Levknecht is a 28 year old female kayaker from Greenville, SC who is considered one of the best female kayakers (see the best kayaks of 2017). She's known for racing fast, overcoming great waves, and winning several competitions held at the Green Race. She has won the Green Race Championship seven times, and has proven that she is the best in the south east. Levknecht won the Lord of the Fork competition, and was number three is the Little White Salmon race. In 2015, she took part in the ICF Freestyle World Championships held on the Ottawa River in August, finishing in the top ten. Check out inflatable kayak reviews if you want to experience Adriene's sport for yourself.

6. Sorana Christea

In 2017, Sorana Christea was ranked among the top ten highest paid female athletes. She is a tennis player from Romania and is ranked at the top of some of the international tennis lists. Christea is known for her charm in the tennis field and a strong grasp on the racket.

7. Sania Mirza

Mirza is a tennis player from India, and has been nominated as the most beautiful female sports person. She has won several events in tennis, especially in the double category. Mirza is one of the best paid female athletes, and she has made lots of money through advertisements and endorsements on Indian Television.

8. Elena Delle Donne

Elena Delle Donne is a 26 year old basketball player who is currently the most valuable player in the WNBA. She is one of the best female basketball players in the world and is rivaling Maya Moore for the position of best female basketball player. Elena is 6 feet 5 inches and possesses unique skills that enable her to play in multiple positions on the court.

9. Hope Solo

Hope is considered the greatest female goalkeeper of all time, and she is a goalie for the U.S Women's National Team. She has won two Olympic gold medals, and the highly prized Golden Glove in the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in 2015. She was awarded the trophy for conceding only three goals in the entire tournament.

10. Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is considered the best female skier of all time. She is 31 years old and has won the World Cup race for the 76th time in February 2016, setting the best record of all time.

The Most Powerful Women In The World

This video shows you the most powerful women in the world, whether they choose to do good with their money, status, connections or are just very influential over time. The get the job done and are stronger than we can ever know.

Can Sports Help Build Self-Esteem For Young Girls?

Self esteem often comes into play in our daily interactions especially to young girls going through adolescence and other phases of their lives.  There are a few activities that boost self esteem, including sports of all types!  Below are just a handful of sports and activities that can grow any young woman's self-esteem and have her confidence blooming.  Who knows, she might be the next president of the US!


Karate is one disciplinary activity/sport that requires tremendous focus and discipline!  It definitely boosts confidence and involves as much mental activity as it does physical.

Karate teaches students to be disciplined: discipline is a key factor when it comes to self esteem as once a young girl learns that they can achieve great things through little efforts then they are able to discipline themselves and as such get their esteem boosted. Commitment also goes with discipline and once a student learns the art of being committed they are able to go up the karate belts hence boosting esteem.

Karate also helps in weight loss and control. Childhood obesity has contributed a lot in girls having a low self esteem as the larger kids are often viewed as lesser beings, while the slimmer ones are considered to be too thin for anyone’s liking and this damages their esteem. Karate workouts involve natural and muscle development as the young karate kids are often in constant practice and movement. Hence this intense workout keeps the health and weight of the girls in check and as such boosting their esteem. 

One great example of a UFC female leader that has made it great  is Cris Justino who has a 17-1 record label. 17-1 record! Imagine that!


Ever walked up to a young girl surfing and asked her why she likes to surf?

Well, the answer she would most likely give you is, “when I surf, I feel like I can do anything”.  What a powerful response!  What tremendous conditioning to carry through the mind! When one is out there surfing, they tend to let go of their inhibitions, worries, hindrances and other ill feelings that may lower their esteem. 

Serena Brooke ranked as the World's second surfer is the perfect example to all those young ladies out there as she has proved to the world she can do it; coming in as the only female that has always come up top five in the first years of her journey into surfing. When one is out there they feel like they could do anything because of the adrenaline rush and as such this goes a long way in boosting their self esteem.  Include any and all water sports to this!  Kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, what have you.  One cool spot to check out latest news on such activities is Killer Kayaks for a budgeted but safe inflatable kayak and more.


Basketball is another sport that boosts self esteem and confidence.Lisa Leslie and Laura Jackson can clearly conquer with the above statement as evidenced by the great strides they have taken in the basketball courts. When a player (young girl) is out there before the beginning of a match they are encouraged to be positive and think positively. Positive thoughts are good for esteem boosting. 

As they play also, they tend to inspire other younger girls and that feeling that there is someone that looks up to them also goes along way. Finally, basketball involves team work. Team work requires that everyone in the team looks at the other as being equal and not better than herself and, as such, once a girl feels equal, their esteem is boosted.  Check out a WNBA game with your daughter, sister, aunt-heck, even the men in your life!  Guaranteed everyone will walk away impressed.



A Shocking Turn Of Events: Hillary Clinton, NOT the Next POTUS!

Only with sadness and disappointment we can report that Trump is the next US President Elect, not Hillary Clinton.  However, we have never seen another presidential candidate who is as graceful and amazing as Hillary Clinton has been with this run.

Here is her heartbreaking yet patriotic concession speech.  Let us not give up hope!

Be proud, Hillary supporters! Gear up for the next few years.

Five Awe Inspiring, Amazing Women In US History

This article is about female politicians who have looked out for and helped people who have had a hard time in life... women who have dedicated their lives to improve other people's lives!  These women have fought for various issues including money troubles, medical bills, college loans, civil rights, etc. There are other female politicians who fight to get bills passed in the house of representatives and the senate, and they are extremely as important as well.

However, this particular article will be about women who fight outside of those places, who are physically in touch with all kinds of people and provide a voice for those who don't get to speak out.

The five ladies being discussed here have done some truly amazing things to help our country and fought/still fight for women's rights. They have our respect because they never gave up, no matter the numours and ugly challenges they faced.

Here is our list of five important women in our history who we are proud to feature here:

Jeannette Rankin

In 1916, Jeannette Rankin became the first woman to serve in the congress, at a time when many women could not vote. She helped pass the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote.

An example of her strength is conveyed in a speech she gave on the house floor:  “How shall we answer the challenge, gentlemen?” Rankin asked. “How shall we explain to them the meaning of democracy if the same Congress that voted to make the world safe for democracy refuses to give this small measure of democracy to the women of our country?”

During World War I, she fought for the rights of women who were working for the war effort. After her congress term ended in 1919, she continued her fight for women's rights in various ways and was re-elected to the House of Representatives in 1939.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the first female senator from Massachusetts. She was one of five potential running mates for the position of Vice President with Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth has always fought and continues to fight for the poor and the middle class. She fights for the wealthy (herself included) to pay more taxes, which would aid government programs to further help people. She is against any companies who don't have the public's best interest at heart. She wants banks and wall street to be held accountable for the greed they so often show. She is a very strong and tough woman who never gave up in the face of strong republican opposition.

As of now, she is still taking on these tasks to help consumers and fight corruption. She has also been out campaigning for Hillary Clinton's presidential run. Elizabeth is a no-nonsense, down to earth, hard working lady who will always fight for everyone's rights, and this is why we need her to stay in office!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wanted to be an astronaut when she was a little girl, but was told girls weren't allowed to be astronauts. In high school she was voted most likely to succeed, and went into politics in college, being accepted to both Harvard AND Yale. While in college, she was a devoted republican until concerns over the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement came about.

In 1977, Hillary co-founded Arkansas Advocates for children and families. The next year she was the first female appointed to the chair of the Legal Services Corporation, and the year after that the first female partner at a law firm.

When Bill Clinton became Governor of Arkansas, Hillary became First Lady of Arkansas, leading a task force who put out recommendations to help reform the state's public schools and she served on several corporate boards.

When Hillary was First Lady of the U.S., she tried to enact the Clinton Health Care Plan (which would have provided universal health care for all americans and would force companies to cover all of their employees), but it was unsuccessful. Many worked against her, including conservatives and the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries. She has also fought for women's rights, and at a 1995 U.N. Conference on women, stated that “...human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights”, which is what she still says to this day.

While she was still First Lady (some days before she left the position), she became the first female senator from New York, and the only First Lady to hold elective office. After 9/11, she had a leading role in investigating the health issues of those who first responded and voted to approve the war in Afghanistan.

Hillary went on to become Secretary of State under President Obama, advocating for U.S. Military intervention in Libya after a violent movement arose in the Arab countries. She also helped organize a regime against Iran in an effort to stop their nuclear program, resulting in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Agreement. Different countries, including the U.S., met with Iran to get them to dramatically reduce their uranium stockpile and reduce production of it.

Now she is running to be the first female President of the United States! If anyone woman was qualified to be President, it's her!

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt became First Lady when her husband, Franklin Roosevelt, became President of the United States. After he started being affected by polio, she stepped in to help his political career and to show how important a First Lady could be.

Eleanor was outspoken concerning human rights, children's causes, women's rights, and worked with the League of Women Voters. She was focused on helping the poor, was against racial discrimination, and traveled overseas to visit the U.S. troops during World War II.

After her husband died, she didn't have plans to continue working in public service. However, she was appointed by President Truman as a delegate to the U.N. General Assembly for 8 years. She became chair of the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission and helped to write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what she had considered to be her greatest accomplishment.

President Kennedy reappointed her as a U.N. delegate and also appointed her to the National Advisory Committee of the Peace Corps after that. Then she became chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Two different presidents chose her to stay in politics, that's how important she was!

Michelle Obama

Last but certainly not least, First Lady Michelle launched Let's Move in 2010, bringing professionals and parents together to tackle childhood obesity by providing healthier foods in schools and getting parents to involve their children in physical activity.

In that same year, she passed the School Lunch Program, which provided free or reduced cost meals to more than 21 million low income children. School districts were required to serve healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

As a result of these measures, several stores agreed to build their stores in areas where people had low access to healthy foods. Walmart lowered the cost of fruits, vegetables and grains and vowed to eliminate trans fats from their foods. Certain restaurants have committed to improving kids menus, and lowering salt and calories in their dishes.

In 2011, Michelle and Dr Jill Biden (Vice President Joe Biden's wife) launched Joining Forces, calling for all americans to help support veterans, the military and their families by providing job opportunities and education.

Michelle also launched the Reach Higher Initiative, which exposed students to college opportunities and helped them to understand financial aid eligibility. In 2015 she launched Let Girls Learn with President Obama, an initiative to help educate and empower women all over the world, which is so drastically needed.  

I think it's fair to say that no one can NOT love Michelle Obama! We need more humanitarians in this world, ones who have the power to do great things for people, like this First Lady has!

Condoleezza Rice Speaks About Personal Matters...

This video shows Condoleezza Rice talking about her father, scary moments in D.C., and much more.  This is important to watch, as Dr. Rice is an influential figure in US politics and no doubt carried a heavy weight when 9/11 took place, alongside former President Bush: