Can Sports Help Build Self-Esteem For Young Girls?

Self esteem often comes into play in our daily interactions especially to young girls going through adolescence and other phases of their lives.  There are a few activities that boost self esteem, including sports of all types!  Below are just a handful of sports and activities that can grow any young woman's self-esteem and have her confidence blooming.  Who knows, she might be the next president of the US!


Karate is one disciplinary activity/sport that requires tremendous focus and discipline!  It definitely boosts confidence and involves as much mental activity as it does physical.

Karate teaches students to be disciplined: discipline is a key factor when it comes to self esteem as once a young girl learns that they can achieve great things through little efforts then they are able to discipline themselves and as such get their esteem boosted. Commitment also goes with discipline and once a student learns the art of being committed they are able to go up the karate belts hence boosting esteem.

Karate also helps in weight loss and control. Childhood obesity has contributed a lot in girls having a low self esteem as the larger kids are often viewed as lesser beings, while the slimmer ones are considered to be too thin for anyone’s liking and this damages their esteem. Karate workouts involve natural and muscle development as the young karate kids are often in constant practice and movement. Hence this intense workout keeps the health and weight of the girls in check and as such boosting their esteem. 

One great example of a UFC female leader that has made it great  is Cris Justino who has a 17-1 record label. 17-1 record! Imagine that!


Ever walked up to a young girl surfing and asked her why she likes to surf?

Well, the answer she would most likely give you is, “when I surf, I feel like I can do anything”.  What a powerful response!  What tremendous conditioning to carry through the mind! When one is out there surfing, they tend to let go of their inhibitions, worries, hindrances and other ill feelings that may lower their esteem. 

Serena Brooke ranked as the World's second surfer is the perfect example to all those young ladies out there as she has proved to the world she can do it; coming in as the only female that has always come up top five in the first years of her journey into surfing. When one is out there they feel like they could do anything because of the adrenaline rush and as such this goes a long way in boosting their self esteem.  Include any and all water sports to this!  Kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, what have you.  One cool spot to check out latest news on such activities is Killer Kayaks for a budgeted but safe inflatable kayak and more.


Basketball is another sport that boosts self esteem and confidence.Lisa Leslie and Laura Jackson can clearly conquer with the above statement as evidenced by the great strides they have taken in the basketball courts. When a player (young girl) is out there before the beginning of a match they are encouraged to be positive and think positively. Positive thoughts are good for esteem boosting. 

As they play also, they tend to inspire other younger girls and that feeling that there is someone that looks up to them also goes along way. Finally, basketball involves team work. Team work requires that everyone in the team looks at the other as being equal and not better than herself and, as such, once a girl feels equal, their esteem is boosted.  Check out a WNBA game with your daughter, sister, aunt-heck, even the men in your life!  Guaranteed everyone will walk away impressed.