Elizabeth Warren: A Personal Hero

I think it's time to take a vacation to see my family, who live on the east coast. I haven't seen them in a year, so it's definitely time. I've just been so busy with different avenues of income, that I barely have time to clear my head at the beach once a week. I definitely need to get out more!


One of the things I do is make videos, and although it's mostly for fun, it makes me a decent amount of side income every month. I've been doing it for years, so I kind of built up a fan base that allows me to see more profits. It's nice to make the extra money, but it's also great to connect with people and talk to them about various subjects and to also get their opinions.


My videos are mostly about politics, specifically female politicians (I LOVE Elizabeth Warren, a personal hero) and leaders around the world. But I also talk about what's happening in this current administration, as well as a number of other topics that may or may not be political. It just depends on either what I see on the news that morning, or what I've been thinking about, or even historical discussions. Anything goes, really! I am working on a video to create a post on here soon after a collaboration.



So when I make these LiveCast videos, I always go to a STUDIO C, a local sound studio in San Diego where I can have complete privacy and no one can interrupt me. At home I've got a bird that likes to make noises, and a talkative boyfriend who's always playing video games loudly. That makes it a less than ideal spot to shoot my videos from.


I decided to head over to the studio to make a few videos before I left for 2 weeks, so that they could be uploaded automatically at a certain time. This allows me to focus on my other ventures, although this time it's purely for vacation. I'm sure I will think of a hundred topics while I'm there because my brain never stops, but at least it will feel great to see my loved ones!