Our Political Lunch Discussions

I work long, hard hours and even a few on the weekend, so I usually try to relax a little by going out for lunch. Me and a group from work go to laugh and chat to break up the monotony of the work day. It's a lot of fun, and without it, I'd probably be pretty miserable and depressed. It also helps to keep my mind focused and sharp, because most of my work time is spent on a computer in an office with no one to talk to. Our favorite topic seems to be politics, especially women in politics, and what's going wrong with certain things.



At least twice a week we will go to an Indian restaurant for lunch, and although it's one of my favorite foods, it's very oily. I could choose to get something less oily, but it's just so darn good and I can't help myself! However, it does my skin no favors and can sometimes cause a nice breakout of acne. That's usually when I try to suggest another restaurant.


When I start getting acne, I usually go to see my girl at Kimberly K Skincare  to get a facial. She does such a great job and works with my schedule, knowing I'm busy and may not be able to give her enough of a notice. It's easily the best day spa La Jolla has to offer.  Sometimes, if she's busy, someone else can do it, but I like talking with my girl the most. She already knows my situation, so it's easier.



If I'm not able to get in for a treatment, I try to just do my own facial at home on the weekend, or use some treated pads. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but when I go in for treatment, it always seems to do the trick. I guess I should just schedule an appointment with her, since I know this will happen again. I refuse to stop eating my favorite Indian foods!